Diamond Exterior House Cleaning Services

We can clean just about any exterior surface you can name. Whether you have a domestic residence, office building or commercial business, we have the experience, knowledge and proper cleaning equipment to clean all manner of outdoor surfaces.

Concrete Cleaning
Concrete is a commonly used surface applied to floors, roofs, tiles, and driveways. If concrete is less than seven years old, it is classed as ‘soft’ and needs to be cleaned and treated gently. Hardened concrete which is older is also toughened and can withstand pressure cleaning and steam cleaning. We may also add a concrete cleaning product which is tailored to aid the removal of dirt from a concrete surface.

Note: If your concrete surface is decorative or coloured, we will make sure that the cleaning process does not damage it.

Cleaning Blinds, Awnings & Shade Sails
We use gentle cleaning methods on the fabric of your canvas blinds, awnings or shade cloth to ensure the integrity of any UV filters in the fabric.

Cleaning all Types of Cladding
There are many types of cladding applied to protect the infrastructure of your home and all cladding is designed to be weatherproof. Our expertise in cleaning cladding makes sure that the cladding will look cleaner for longer.

Cleaning Retaining Walls
Retaining walls are built to withstand pressure and are often subject to all types of weather We can pressure clean your retaining wall so it looks as good as new.

Cleaning Brickwork
Dirty, stained, grimy brickwork looks sad and neglected. Our professional cleaning services will use the appropriate cleaning agents and techniques to restore your dirty brickwork back into something to be proud of.

Cleaning Roofs
Frequently overlooked when cleaning the exterior areas of your home, let Diamond Exterior House Cleaning take the pain away. Our specialised roof cleaning services will restore your Colorbond, terracotta or concrete roof back to its very best.

Cleaning Paving
We can clean all types of paving; terracotta, clay, concrete, brick, slate, bluestone, sandstone; the list goes on.

Cleaning Timber Decking
When timber decking isn’t cleaned regularly or properly, it looks old and can get slippery very quickly. We know how to revitalize your beautiful timber decking so it shines.

Cleaning Fences
Fences get covered in dirt, mildew and mould and cleaning them can be a laborious job. Our skilled cleaning services will do the hard graft for you and leave you with a sparkling clean fence line.

We can clean anything outdoors – if you can think of it, we can clean it!

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Diamond Exterior House Cleaning is a small family run business. We are not a franchise nor do we employ sub-contractors.