Sandstone Cleaning by Experts

Sandstone is a beautiful, natural rock which adds a great deal of visual and tactile appeal to both homes and commercial buildings. It is mainly composed of minerals or rock grains and appears in a wide range of colour tones such as yellow, brown, red, white and grey. Some types of sandstone are more resistant to weathering than others which means the level of cleaning care demands can vary.

Often sandstone is used as a decorative feature for walls, paving and pathways with intricate carvings and niches that gather pockets of dirt and grime. The correct cleaning process involves carefully removing the dirt whilst retaining the beautiful aesthetic quality of your sandstone feature.

Sandstone cleaning requires experience and the right equipment. We have seen many jobs damaged by inexperienced operators. Do not allow anyone to use a high pressure water blaster on your valuable sandstone – it will damage it!

Our extensive experience in cleaning sandstone building exteriors will ensure that your property is in safe, expert hands. Whether you have a dirty sandstone pathway, mouldy sandstone wall or grimy sandstone patio, we can clean it.

As you can see from the pictures below, Diamond Exterior House Cleaning have achieved stunning results rejuvenating sandstone back to its former glory. Most importantly, we can achieve these results absolutely damage free.

We can clean anything outdoors – if you can think of it, we can clean it!