Specialist Paving Cleaning Services

Diamond Exterior House Cleaning can clean your dirty, mossy, slippery paving and bring it back to life again. As specialists in cleaning paving stones and tiles, we have cleaned just about every type of paving there is.

Terracotta Paving Cleaning
Classic and long-lasting, terracotta paving is quite porous and requires careful cleaning to prevent staining and to enable the paving to ‘breathe’.

Clay Paving Cleaning
Traditional and durable, clay paving is best cleaned with an alkaline based cleaner.

Concrete Paving Cleaning
Hardwearing concrete paving can be as decorative as it is strong. Keep your concrete paving looking its very best with our specialist paving cleaning services.

Brick Paving Cleaning
Brick paving is a popular choice with its earthy appearance and regular shaping. Our high pressure cleaning services will remove all traces of dirt and grime from your brick paving.

Slate Paving Cleaning
Contemporary slate paving is very hardy, extremely durable and wears well. However cleaning slate paving should only be undertaken at pressures above 800 PSI.

Bluestone Paving Cleaning
There are two main types of bluestone paving used in Australia, and the most popular is a basalt stone found in Victoria. When cleaned properly and professionally, the timeless beauty of bluestone paving is always retained.

Sandstone Paving Cleaning
We take great care when cleaning your valuable sandstone paving to ensure no damage is incurred during the cleaning process. We have a wealth of experience in cleaning this beautiful paving stone and you can rest assured that your property is in our safe hands.

Our Specialist Paving Cleaning Process
We use professional rotary cleaning equipment to thoroughly and effectively clean the paving of your paths and courtyards so that they will be inviting and safe to use. No more slippery paths!

To ensure the cleaning service we provide has longevity, we also apply a specialised chemical treatment which will give your paving a longer lasting clean.

We can clean anything outdoors – if you can think of it, we can clean it!