Driveway Cleaning Services

Our driveway cleaning services provide expert pressure cleaning for your paved, concrete or pebblecrete driveways. We use rotary pressure cleaning equipment which delivers a fast, streak-free finish that will give the driveway of your home or business a noticeable face lift with a fresh, clean entrance way.

Driveways are typically a busy area for both foot and vehicle traffic and can quickly build up layers of dirt, grease, oil, mould and various stains as well as the growth of algae or moss. Our professional driveway cleaning services will remove all these discolourations as shown in our before and after images below.

In our experience, driveways constructed from pavers and concrete commonly need to be cleaned and treated differently, as pavers are usually “softer” then concrete. If the pavers are not cleaned carefully they can be damaged, particularly if the wrong methods or equipment are used.

Concrete younger than seven years or concrete that is under cover, such as under a carport or pergola may also have a “soft” finish and needs to be treated and cleaned with care.

You can rely on Diamond Exterior House Cleaning. We have the experience, knowledge and equipment to avoid any damage occurring when cleaning your driveway.

We can clean anything outdoors – if you can think of it, we can clean it!