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Streak Free Tennis Court Cleaning

All exterior tennis court surfaces collect dirt and grime carried by wind and rain. Over time, the build up of these substances will cause the surface of your tennis court to become discoloured and potentially create an environment for algae and moss to grow. This situation is somewhat typical of Sydney's climate which can be fairly humid throughout the year. As a result your tennis court can develop a slippery surface which is not ideal for play!

To effectively clean the surface of a tennis hard court requires the use of chemicals and a hand held rotary pressure cleaner. Our experience in this area will ensure that surface area is thoroughly cleaned and not adversely affected by this process. We provide streak-free tennis hard court cleaning services which although can be very labour intensive and time consuming, we find that excellent results can be achieved and the effort is well worth it.

As an example, the images of tennis courts pictured below have been professionally cleaned by Diamond Exterior House Cleaning. As you can see they look like new - we assure you they have not been repainted!

Tennis Court Cleaning Handy Hint

If a contractor intends to use a rotary concrete cleaner or "Whirl-Away" to clean your tennis court, do not let them unless you intend to repaint the court. The use of a "Whirl-Away" or rotary concrete cleaner will leave the court with "polished markings" approximately 80cm apart.


Dirty tennis court surface

Grimy tennis hard court



Streak free tennis court cleaning

Tennis court professionally cleaned

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